Monday, January 28, 2008

Trust me, it was a sacrifice

Thank you for your follow through. I am most impressed. Your web site is excellent, as is. Very 'user friendly', as they say. I credit it and the Lord (not necessarily in that order! You understand. :-)) for helping through my first extended - 5 day - Daniel fast. Next time I might go longer. Even though you are eating pretty well (i.e., healthily) on this fast, I didn't realize how important less healthy foods/beverages were to me. Trust me, it was a sacrifice. I was glad when the 5 days were over! I also want to thank you for your encouragement and prayer prior to my fast. It surprised me at how much that meant to me. I truly felt the Lord in it. As for outcome, only God knows that. I am blessed every day, but have not seen the immediate evidence of the focus of my fast. But, then, that's the definition of faith, isn't it?!

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