Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What about protein drinks?

I am not sure if I asked this question already, so forgive me. I am 14 days into my Daniel fast and doing great! Feeling great! I am concerned about not getting enough protein as I am exercising daily now at a pretty moderate pace. What about protein drinks? I picked up one from Sam's and it is Naturade Soy Protein Weight Loss Meal Replacement. It only has 13g of protein per serving, 150 calories , not bad in that respect, but does have some addititves that I have no idea if they are natural or chemical. Any suggestions? I have not felt led to add chicken or fish at this time, but if that would be better than a protein drink, I will. thanks for your help! God is so good! I am hearing so much more clearly and my prayer time is awesome! Wendy

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