Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Daniel's Fast Cookbook

The Daniel's Fast Cookbook
"Hallelujah!! The First Daniel Fast Cookbook
We've been searching for this cookbook since 2003. What encourages us most about Grace and Lynda's Daniel's Fast Cookbook is that it is endorsed by Elmer L. Towns, who created the Daniel Fast for Spiritual Breakthrough in his book Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough."

"I believe in Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough, this is a discipline that God has given to the church for renewal, revival, and worship of the Lord. I am so glad that Grace Bass and Lynda Anderson have written this cookbook on The Daniel Fast. I pray that God will use it in the lives of many people." Elmer L. Towns Co-Founder, Liberty University, Dean, School of Religion, Lynchburg, Virginia

Their cookbook contains more than 100 healthy, tasty and easy to prepare Daniel's Diet recipes. It also includes helpful nutritional information, practical advice for fasting as a church, list of restaurants that have foods we can enjoy on their menu, list of recommended stores we can trust and products we can enjoy. Grace and Lynda also included a section about food options depending on our own personal spiritual convictions. This is an excellent cookbook for Christians considering a Vegan Diet. Thank you Grace and Lynda! says it will be available in 4-7 weeks. It would be a good idea to pre-order. There will be a huge demand for this cookbook.

Order The Daniel's Fast Cookbook now and/or read more about it.

More Recipes and Even More Recipes

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