Friday, February 1, 2008

OK to continue more than 21 days?

I began the Daniel Fast on Jan 2. I'm at my 30 day mark. Is it ok to continue more than the 21 days you speak about? Are there any physical difficulties with continuing past 21 days, or even spiritual difficulties? Darla

Dear Darla,
My wife and I like to do the Daniel Fast Diet for the 40 days of Lent. We work among Catholics and Muslims, so it is important that we identify with them through the Lenten Fast.

As we've researched the Daniel Fast Diet (Vegan Diet) and related nutritional issues, we've found some issues that you should be aware of; the Vegan Diet is low in Omega 3, calcium, vitamin B12 and iron. So it might be wise to take supplements that include Omega 3, calcium, vitamin B12 and iron. Short term these deficiencies aren't much of a problem. Long term, they could be serious. Please research the Vegan Diet further for yourself. Mike

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