Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Salt, spices, fructose, organic tea, oats, questions

Thanks for your questions Amanda.

>What kind of salty spices are we allowed to use. I saw you mentioned salt - any kind of salt?

No problem with any salt or spices. Avoid sugar and animal product based products. It is advised to avoid artificial sweeteners. Butter is an animal product and should be avoided. We encourage people to replace butter with high quality extra virgin olive oil.

Molasses, raw sugar, raw honey, Stevia, and Maple syrup are possible sweeteners. has more information about Stevia, a natural herb. Stevia might be cheaper at - They also have raw honey -

>Is fruit suger (fructose) allowed?

Raw sweeteners are OK, processed glucose, fructose etc are not allowed.

>I am drinking organic teas - will that be okay?

Organic is not required. Many teas are very good for you. You should avoid teas with caffeine.

>How do we eat your oats?

I eat my oats raw, mixed into my natural peanut butter and eat on cold bananas or whole grain bread. Sue adds water and a few raisins to her oatmeal and microwaves it.

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