Monday, February 18, 2008

Using Oils in a Daniel Fast Diet

I read somewhere that you could have oils, like vegetable oil, virgin olive oil, what about cannola oil? Also, Is it wrong to slice up fresh potatoes and chop fresh onions and saute them altogether in a skillet? Or would this be considered "fried foods". I asked one of my pastors and he said he felt like the reference to 'fried foods' was like things with batter that are deep fried. Please help me. Thank you. Ava

Thanks for your e-mail Ava.

Our first advice is to do the Daniel fast following the advice of your local church leaders. Many churches have specific rules for their congregations. We agree with your pastor about battered fried foods. In addition, since eggs are avoided by most of us, you can't make most batters since they include eggs.

Concerning oils, we prefer extra virgin olive oil and Colza. Canola and other healthy non-animal fats are OK in moderation. Use as little oil as possible. French fries have too much oil. Spray some Pam or Colza oil on your fries and bake them. We use olive oil in the place of butter. Add a little salt if you like salted butter. Don't use olive oil for frying, it cannot handle the heat.

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