Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Drink only water?

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There is a recipe here that says to drink organic tea from lipton. I thought that only water was aloud during this fast? The scrpiture says only water.. i'm confused. Jannah

Sorry for the confusion. You are correct:
Daniel 1:12 I beg you, try your servants ten days. And let them give us vegetables to eat and water to drink.
However, this is a Daniel Fast for today. We are following the Daniel Fast created by Rev. Elmer Towns, which was created by him to help Daniel Fast for Spiritual Breakthroughpeople today experience spiritual breakthrough. It is not focusing on an exact copy of Daniel's experience hundreds of years before Christ. Today, we are addicted to foods that are poisoning our bodies and destroying our health. Rev. Towns is encouraging us to remove these bad foods for a short term, to improve our spiritual and physical health.

If you desire to avoid more foods than Rev. Towns advises, that is OK. As we do the Daniel Fast, Lord Jesus, help us not to judge others who are doing it differently.
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