What is the reason for a Daniel Fast food list of foods to avoid?

You want to avoid the King's food. Some sum up this food list saying that you shouldn't have the King's Burgers or Fries. You should probably avoid the golden arches as well. However, many fast food restaurants now have good salads. We often eat our salads from restaurants with lemon and salt for dressing.

To avoid the king's food list means that we are definitely avoiding all those things that the Jews couldn't eat. We're also avoiding foods that only royalty in ancient days could afford. It wasn't until recent history that most Americans could afford to eat meat or poultry. Today, in most of the world, very few people can afford to eat any kind of meat or processed foods, like the foods in this list. Send us your questions or ideas of foods to avoid.

This is a proposed Daniel Fast Food List to Avoid

We encourage you to decide what you will have on your personal Daniel Fast food lists. Remember that your food lists of foods to eat or avoid do not need to be the exactly the same as someone else's food list. If you are a pastor or leader of a group that is doing a corporate Daniel Fast, please encourage those with physical limitations to modify your group's Daniel Diet food list according to their personal limitations. We encourage you to have a loving and Christian attitude toward those who have a Daniel Diet food list that seems too easy to you.

  • Meat, because Daniel didn't want to take the chance of eating non-kosher meat and/or meat that was offered to idols.
  • white flour and all products using it
  • white rice, white bread, hominy and pasta
  • fried foods
  • caffeine
  • carbonated beverages, including diet sodas
  • Wine or any other alcoholic drinks
  • foods containing preservatives or additives
  • refined sugar
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • chemical sugar substitutes
  • margarine, shortening, animal fat, high fat products

If you have questions about other foods, check out our Questions and Answers page!

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