Monday, January 28, 2008

God had healed me

Hello evryone, I just wanted to share the outcome of the Daniel Fast for me. First , it was like a 'break-down', a cleansing of all impurities that were bottled up in my body, Secondly, God worked a miracle on my job and third, God delivered me ..healed me from a misery in my body!! This misery had turned into a plague and I had suffered with it for a long time. I can't describe the feeling.. but God knew all about it.

I did not tell my Pastor and the Sunday after god had healed me the Pastor called me forth because God had given her a revelation that i had a testimony and I was able to tell the church what God did for me. He just keeps doing great things for me! I mentioned the fast to some friends the other day and now they are interested in it as well. Gotta give back to God!!

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