Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is Daniel Fast a Diet?

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Listen, the Daniel fast is not a diet. No fast is a diet. Careful... Joy
Thank you Joy, you raise an important question.

We use the term "diet" in the general sense meaning "the food you decide to eat." We never promote it as a weight loss diet, like the cabbage diet. In Daniel 1:15, Daniel and his friends were "fatter in flesh" after only ten days! :-)

Many more people write us to say it is not a fast, because you are allowed to eat food. They don't understand that there are partial fasts and total fasts. So we say Daniel Diet Fast to help these people understand that this is a partial fast.

However, most people do lose weight on the Daniel Fast Diet, because they are avoiding the junk foods that made them fat. If you remove only white sugar and high fructose corn syrup from your diet, you will consume hundreds fewer calories per day.

Every 100 calories you eat require one mile to walk off. An average soda is 180 calories. That means after a 12 oz. soda you need to walk an extra 1.8 miles. Very few people do, so they store the fat on their bodies.

We promote the Daniel Fast Diet as a partial fast for spiritual breakthrough. One blessing or spiritual breakthrough for many is self control. It results in weight loss, because of their rejection of junk foods on a permanent basis.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Kathryn's First Daniel Fast

Some Daniel Fast Books
This is the first time hearing about Daniel Fast Diet. I am going on this diet soon. I really need to hear from God. I pray all the time. I get up thinking about the Lord. He is my everything. I look forward to losing weight and getting some answers for my life. The Lord is my source of help for a good life. I always knew that veggies are better to eat for a more healter lifesytle. Thank you for posting this info. This info will help a lot of people in their journey, to get closer to God. So all the info you made available to us will help in so many ways.

We love the Daniel Fast Diet. It is great helping people achieve spiritual and physical breakthrough!
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weight loss on the Daniel Diet Fast

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Doctor asking me to loose about 80 lb. this year, did'nt notice my body changes. also need prayer just because i want to be and get stonger spritul, need GOD in every way, want to walk, talk and see thing by faith.
Name withheld

The original Fast by Daniel in Chapter 1 didn't help him lose weight, but this anti-junk food Daniel Fast by Rev. Elmer Towns does seem effective at helping people shed those nasty pounds that stick to us. I lost 25 lbs in 2000, by walking three times a day for 20 min each. Learn more healthy habits at http://Fit.Farho.net It is our fitness website.

Let's pray: Heavenly Father, we thank You for our friends who are doing their best to say no to the flesh and its appetite for junk food. Jesus, You know what it felt like to be tempted. Be our strong tower of refuge, when we are tempted to blow it and eat that food we should avoid. Fill us with the power of your Holy Spirit, so that His delicious fruit of love would flow from us and surround us. Deliver us from temptation! In the Name of Jesus, our risen Savior and Lord.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

i feel like a failure

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"I started a 21 day fast on 1-1-2010 with the first 3 days being only liquids and i have now converted over to the daniel fast for the remainder of the 21 days. i feel i have already failed because i drank sweet tea and i have eaten vegtables that were cooked with butter and bacon. i feel like a failure! not sure what to do at this point!"
Name withheld

We all fail. Ask God to forgive you. Continue the best you can. He knows and loves us and will help us to enjoy the foods that are allowed.
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What if I break my fast?

What if I break my fast on day 9 and resume on day 10? Is that okay?
God understands your situation. Do your best! If you break your fast for a special event or you just "blow it," restart again after the meal that caused you to break the fast. Eastern Orthodox Christians have been doing the Daniel fast for Lent for centuries. They believe that it dishonors Christ to fast on Sunday, when we weekly celebrate his Resurrection. So they break their 40 day Lenten Daniel Fast every Sunday.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lorene's Preparation Tips

Make sure it is God that is asking you to fast. Fasting for the flesh, outside of sickness, has brought me disastrous results. I have found that when God calls me to fast, He will help me to stick to it and I won't struggle so when I come off it. There are certain times of the month that I do not fast because when I tried to fast because I felt blotted and fat and not lead by God, I ended up breaking the fast prematurely and overeating.(Usually on chocolate!) God will speak and confirm, if we listen. Then we will see great fruit from His Spirit come forth for His glory and our health.
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One of My Addictions is Food

Doing this fast is a paradox for me because one of my addictions is food and I have almost always cheated and am not proud of it. I find myself not wanted to make vows to God because of what Solomons warns us in Eccles. about making a vow and not keeping it. I know that this is a form of bondage. A friend of mine has invited a few of us to joint her on this fast. Our church recently closed and it was our spiritual and emotional hospital and we have been jolted by this event spiritually. We mutually believe God to return to His will for our lives and for direction with whom we should fellowship.
Thanks for your note Lalea. We can all identify with your addiction to food. We can't live without it either. Unfortunately, we all eat food that we shouldn't from time to time. The Daniel Fast Diet helps us to take a closer look at what we ingest. Remember, your Daniel Diet is like any other part of your life. When you blow it, you need to confess your sin and get right back on the Daniel Diet. Don't accept the temptation to quit the Fast altogether. That could be the greatest spiritual breakthrough that you can learn from Daniel's Fast Diet. Doing the fast with a friend will give you good accountability.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chewing gum while fasting?

I know this may sound like a really crazy question, but what is your opinion of chewing gum while you are fasting? I don't want to break my fast over something so silly but it does help. Rebekah

Dear Rebekah
Interesting question Rebekah! That is definitely the first time we've had it. Well the problem is that gum either has sugar or artificial sweeteners. Both are not allowed in the Daniel Fast. Maybe you can find some gum made with approved sweeteners.

On the other hand, I'd like to say that the tiny amount of artificial sweetener in sugarless chewing gum should not be a problem. If it was, then you'd have to stop using toothpaste as well. We don't want to become Pharisees, splitting hairs over little items.

If you do blow it and eat something you shouldn't have, just get right back to the fast. Don't let it cause you to feel that you broke your fast and have to stop. Mike

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Stuff your face with cheeseburgers

What do you do when you have embarked on a 21 day fast to deal with sin in your life and after 7 days of doing awesome....you blow it! Fall into a sin and then feel guilty about it and then just throw your hands up and stuff your face with cheeseburgers and then wake up the next morning shaking your head. Do u keep on tryin to fast or is it pretty much over??? Christopher

Dear Christopher,
You're not the first person to blow it and you won't be the last. Spiritual maturity can be measured in many ways. The way I like the most is how quick you get back on your feet after you fall down. When a baby falls down, he finds something else to do on the ground. When an adult falls down, she gets back up real fast and brushes the dirt (sin) off her clothes! Our advice: continue your fast and see great spiritual breakthrough! Mike

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