Farho Adoption Report

updated February 9, 1998

It is finished!!!

These are all the messages sent out about our adoption:

First e-mail sent Monday, December 29, 1997

We were with Sue's folks in Iowa for Christmas Eve. Christmas day we arrived home around lunch time.

A lawyer left a message on our answering machine. She is from a church in Omaha and heard about our infertility from her step daughter. She said she had a baby for us if we were interested.

We got in touch with her today, Monday, December 29th at 11:45 am. She told us about this young married couple, 17 and 24 years old. They already have two children and had been using birth control when this third child was conceived 8.5 months ago. They feel that their children need to have a happy life and don't see how they can support a third child. They are very poor, but want their kids to go to college.

Sue, John and I prayed about this possibility after we heard the message on the machine. We have not sought out adoption. After talking to the lawyer, we discussed the issue again. We all decided that if God is willing, we would love to have another child! Sue and I put together some photos for the couple to see and a letter explaining why we want to adopt a child. They were expected at the lawyer's office at 2 pm today to see photos of another couple.

We arrived at the lawyer's office at 1:45 pm and met her. She works in the office of another lawyer who was a good friend of mine at Creighton University, when I was in the pre-law program. She felt that we would be the best family for this child. She asked us to stay and visit with the family when they came in to see her.

The husband arrived at around 3 pm. He was real nice and asked a lot of questions of the three of us. He felt that he wanted his wife to meet us to decide for sure if we were right for their child. We made an appointment for 11 am Tuesday, December 30, 1997.

I asked him if he had grown up in the church and had faith in Jesus. He said he did not grow up in a church, but that the Lord means a lot to him. Before we left, I asked permission to pray with him and the lawyer. They all agreed.

I prayed that God would give us all wisdom about this adoption. I prayed that God's will would be done and not ours.

Please pray about this. The birth date is expected around January 16, 1998. If nothing changes, we would take the baby from the delivery. The father said we would be welcome to be there to take the child. Their doctor said the ultrasound indicated a boy. The father has black hair like me, the mother has blond hair like Sue.

Please share this request with your church and Sunday school classes. We are trying not to get our hopes up too high. But we want God's will to be done. Your prayers assure us of that.

sent Tuesday, December 30, 1997

Thanks for praying!

We met with the father again today. The mother could not come today because they could not get a baby sitter for their two infants and don't have car seats. The lawyer is going to find two car seats for them this week.

We will hopefully meet the whole family next Tuesday, January 6, 1998 at 4pm. I feel glad that they did not reject us because we are international workers. I told Sue and John that this gives us all another week to pray the matter through and seek God's will.

Be sure to get others praying about this.

sent Tuesday, January 6, 1998

Thanks for praying!

We met the mother today at noon, in the delivery room! She was in labor! Our new son was born at 2:30pm. He was 20 inches long and weighed 7 lbs 2 oz. We fed him his first meal and stayed with him till 8:30 pm.

The mom and dad are glad to entrust their son to us. They have 48 hours to change their minds. They should sign the papers on Thursday afternoon, unless they decide to keep the baby.

We trust that you will keep praying. As soon as we get home with or without him on Thursday, we will email you and post his photo on our web site.

sent Thursday, January 8, 1998

Keep praying, the paperwork for our home-study just started today. The parents can't sign the relinquishment papers until it is done. We are aiming for Tuesday January 13, 1998.

In the mean time, Joshua Michael is in my sister's house as a temporary foster child. So we are staying with my sister now and bonding with our son. Pray for us as we pass nights waking every three hours for feeding times. Pray also for the smooth process of the home-study.

posted on Monday, January 12, 1998

The case worker was here today at 1:00 pm. He felt all is going well. He still has not received the reports from the state offices. They should come Tuesday Jan. 13 or 14. He said he would be talking to us every day as things work out.

posted on Tuesday, January 13, 1998

Our home-study is done except for a report from the state of Nebraska. It could come Wednesday or Thursday. Joshua was officially placed in our home today, Tuesday around noon! Praise God with us!! The biological parents should sign the relinquishment papers by Friday, January 16th. They wanted to do it today, but the home-study lacks that one report from the state. Pray that it comes through.

It is finished ! ! !

Joshua's biological parents had 11 days to be sure about their decision. They decided to sign the relinquishment papers today, Saturday, January 17, 1998 at around 3:00 PM.

Thanks for your prayers for us and Joshua. You helped us to have this son. Praise God with us for His great power in all of the details.

Joshua's Birth and Adoption Announcement