Blogs by Mike Farho

Mike and Sue have been blogging since 1998. We did not call them blogs then, but we posted short weekly updates, just as we do today. As a blogger, my main concern is raising prayer support for my family and our ministry as international workers in West Africa. Our current prayer blog archive at dates back to 2000.

Family blog - shares what's new in the family by Mike, Sue, John, and Josh Farho

Fitness blog - The Farho fitness blog shares helpful fitness and health information from reliable sources

Good News blog - The Farho Good News blog explains the Gospel Biblical teaching concerning personal faith and salvation.

How to Blog - Explains how to blog and what a blog is.

Prayer blog shares specific prayer requests from the Farhos that are updated every Tuesday.

Sanchez blog shares the adventures of Maria and Ramon Sanchez with Mike in Abidjan during November 2005. There is also a Spanish version of the Sanchez blog.