Bob Overstreet

Righteous America, Sit Up and Listen!

by Bob Overstreet

Righteous America, sit up and listen!
The hour of your demise is near.
Evil is on the increase to destroy you
But it shall not prevail.

Satan is out to attack you,
Flinging his arrows with all his fury,
Hoping to dismay you in these difficult years
When all seems only hopeless.

Al Quaida, Hamas, and all other terrorists
Like a clever army bent on destruction,
Are assailing your very moorings
The moorings of your faith in God.

As you side with Israel under siege,
Against all who would harm her,
The enemy would strike in terror
To get you to change your course.

As you seek to bring peace in Iraq,
And see righteous rule in Afghanistan,
And to guarantee rest for Israel,
The battle will grow even fiercer.

Trust in God!

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