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The Da Vinci Code is a fictional story written by Dan Brown with false information about Jesus Christ. It challenges the true history of Jesus and His disciples through a well written adventure story. Brown's fiction slanders the name of Jesus Christ, the living Son of God.

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Prayer by Tom Short

Dear Father,

I praise You as the Almighty God who is never caught off-guard by the schemes of men or devils.

I affirm my faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and in the Bible as the true Word of God.

I reject and renounce the deceptive and destructive claims found in The Da Vinci Code.

I pray that these distortions and lies will not be believed by people who read this book or see this movie.

I ask you to take what this author and movie producers have meant for evil and turn it into good.

I pray that many people would, indeed, seek the truth and, in the process, discover Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

I pray that You would demonstrate your power and that people of this land might once again learn to show you the respect and reverence You are due.

I ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ and for Your glory,


More information about the Da Vinci Code

Source: Web Evangelism Bulletin

"People often ask, 'How much of The Da Vinci Code is true?' I wearily answer that Paris is in France, London is in England, and Leonardo da Vinci painted pictures. Let's look at four areas where Dan Brown's history is bunk," says Sandra Miesel, medieval historian and co-author of The Da Vinci Hoax:

Christianity Today has a range of other articles relating to the topic, for instance: 'Jesus Out of Focus' says.
"We really need the facts at our finger tips regarding the apocryphal gospels, their dating, and how the biblical canon became formalized, if we are to answer honest questions with more than wild opinions or silly reactions."

George Barna comments on the background to the Da Vinci Code:

Da Vinci Code Confirms Rather Than Changes People's Religious Views: rather than guessing what effect the Da Vinci Code is having, see what informed research by George Barna has found:

Mark Moring's wisdom on the Da Vinci Code and how we react to it, is essential reading:

Dr James Kennedy (Evangelism Explosion) has produced a program and video about the Da Vinci Code:

Leading literature producers on each side of the Atlantic have quality DVD tracts available.
http://www.cpo-online.org.uk (CPO)
http://www.atstracts.org/ (American Tract Society)
See also: 'Using cultural issues to share the Gospel'. That's what the American Tract Society is gearing up to do when the feature-film The Da Vinci Code releases. They've produced six different tracts designed to address questions that arise from the movie. Donna Skell is with ATS, "My prayer is that Christians would take advantage of this movie and take advantage of this book because, you know, you can debate the history, but nobody can debate with you the difference that Jesus has made in your life." Designed as tools for sharing your faith, ATS has tracts available on their website or in printed format. Skell says it's a real opportunity for believers to point people to Christ. "I just hope that everybody will join me in praying that this could be one of the great circumstances that really cause more people to seek out the true answer as to who Jesus Christ really is."

TopChretien offers 'Le Da Vinci Code: Réalité ou Fiction?'

Barna group are selling a CD on the Da Vinci Code for only 99c in boxes of 100 - unfortunately this is only in US and Canada:

BarnaFilms and Highway Video are offering a downloadable 6-minute video - The Conspiracy Game - a humorous but pointed response to the erroneous theological claims that drive The Da Vinci Code:

Leadership University provide their usual good mix of scholarly papers on this topic:

GETTING IT INTO THE MARKETPLACE: if we keep all our insights about the answers to the Da Vinci Code within our Christian circles (aka ghetto), of course they will not reach the people that need them. We need to be getting them into the secular press, TV chat shows, phone-ins, bulletin boards, blogs. Ask your local newspaper if they would like a short article on the questions raised by the Da Vinci Code. And write it sensitively, without denunciation, rancor or whining - that's what we might be expected to do! 1 Peter 3 14-16 is the key.

Every church should surely hold at least a minimum of a 15-minute sermon/training seminar (if not a series) on the answers to the questions raised in the Da Vinci Code. Every youth group too.


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