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John Farho December 25, 2005 in Abidjan

John is now out of USA

Monday, March 28, 2006

He hasn't told us where he is exactly, but we know he is well on his way to Iraq. We are glad to have you praying for John. We trust God to protect him. We are proud of John serving the USA in this way. It is not easy being out of contact with him, but we know he is in God's powerful hands.

We ordered Joshua's home school books for third grade today. The best we could find for him are by Sonlight.com. We are looking forward to using these books next fall.

What a traffic jam

Monday March 13, 2006

Traffic in Abidjan on normal day

We rarely have traffic jams in Abidjan. Today's was huge. The president must made a trip across town. It took us about 90 minutes to go a trip that is usually 10 minutes. I was really proud of Josh. He barely said a word until he got thirsty. Then I reminded him that he had his insulated water bottle with him in the back seat. There was lots to see while we were sitting in traffic. It was rush hour and everyone was on the streets. Many were walking. Some others were riding bikes. There were soldiers and police at many of the intersections trying to get the vehicles to wait for their turn to continue. It didn't work too well. There was gridlock at every intersection. Too bad I didn't have my camera with me! The photo shows what traffic on a normal day looks like.

Finally talked to John

Sunday March 5, 2006

We've been out of contact with John. It is a special training period for the men to get used to life without a cell phone and outside contact. It was hard for all of us. I guess it will be a lot harder when he is in Iraq. Thanks for your prayers.

Home school teachers

Thursday March 2, 2006

We are home schooling Josh. He is really thriving! Sue is a certified Elementary school teacher. She was working on her masters in education when Josh was born. I am teaching his math class and recess. Mayada is his Arabic teacher for 30 minutes, twice a week. Gerard is his French teacher one hour a day, four days a week. Abdoulaye is his swimming instructor for 30 minutes, twice a week. Laurent is his tennis instructor for 30 minutes, twice a week. Pray for all his teachers.

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