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Buffet Survival Tips

Fri, 12 May 2006 by Denise Austin

The buffet it is many dieters' greatest challenge! Learn how to enjoy a spread without overeating with these inside tips from the American Institute for Cancer Research:

  • Be aware: Studies have shown that the more food that's available, the more people eat! Consciously resist the urge to "take advantage" of the food surplus!
  • Check portions: It's easy to lose sight of portion control at a buffet. Pay extra attention to how much you're putting on your plate!
  • Watch your mindset: Be on the lookout for the impulse to "eat your money's worth." Excess calories and fat are not value for your money!
  • Don't clean your plate: Remind yourself that it's OK not to eat everything you take.
  • Tune into your hunger: Aim to stop eating when you feel satisfied, not when you couldn't possibly eat another bite. Don't wait until you're stuffed to stop!
  • Plan ahead: Stroll down the entire buffet line so you can see what's available. That way you won't already have a full plate when you get to what you really want.
  • Use the two-thirds rule: Fill at least two-thirds of your plate with low-calorie choices like melon cubes or fresh vegetables.
  • Push the plate aside: When you're done, push your plate aside so you aren't tempted to pick at what's left!
  • Remember who is in control: You are in charge of your choices, not the buffet!

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