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Java at the Gym?

Saturday, February 11, 2006

by Denise Austin

If you think having a cup of coffee will help you get through your workout, think again! In fact, a recent study found that drinking the equivalent of two cups of coffee before exercise actually hindered blood flow to the heart during a workout! Less blood flow means less oxygen-rich blood fueling your energy fire. The researchers who conducted the study say that while caffeine does have the ability to make you feel more alert mentally, it won't increase your athletic performance.

So what's the right way to jumpstart your workout? The researchers suggest skipping that cup of joe and opting for water instead. Eating well throughout the day and getting enough sleep at night will help too, they say. This study confirms what I've said many times before: Don't look to an outside solution, like caffeine, for a boost. If you want more energy, give your body the nutrition, rest, and movement it needs!

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