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For A Great Workout, Just Add Water

Mon, 19 Jun 2006 from Dr. Kenneth Cooper Aerobics Center Fitness Tips

Now that summer is here, are you looking for a cool way to exercise? Water aerobics is one way you can burn calories and build muscle without breaking a sweat.

Waterwork Basics

Thousands of people are exercising in the water these days, not just to keep cool but because of the numerous benefits. Low-impact water workouts combine cardiovascular exercises with strength training, with little risk of injury. Because of water's buoyancy and the body support it provides, joint, muscle, and bone injuries are almost eliminated. People also benefit from the 90 percent apparent weight loss that occurs when they are submerged in shoulder-deep water. This feeling of weight loss gives exercisers the sense they can accomplish more. (Fitness Management Magazine, April 1998).

Even though exercisers may feel lighter, the added resistance of water makes the aerobics challenging. Water provides 12 times the resistance of air because of its increased density. (Aquacize!, As the water pushes against the body, the movements become more difficult, requiring muscles to work harder. Calories are burned and muscles are toned.

Nancy Klein-Freid, water aerobics instructor at the Cooper Fitness Center, said water aerobics is a nice alternative for cross training and recommends it to everyone, young or old, fit or not.

"It's fun, refreshing, and challenging. People can go at their own pace and because we're exercising in the water, it's not embarrassing for those who can't do the exercises all the way," Klein-Freid said. More water aerobic water workout information

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