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Slow and Steady

Thu, 6 Jul 2006 from

Do you huff and puff your way through workouts -- and hate every gasp?

Then slow it down, especially if weight loss is one of your goals. New research shows that lower-intensity exercise may help you shed more pounds than a faster-paced activity -- as long as you burn enough calories from it. So get out of the high-speed lane. Walk, don't run. Jog, don't sprint. Skip the spinning class and pedal an exercise bike at a comfortable speed, all the while chanting: Do less, lose more.

The study compared two groups of women who did slower- or faster-paced sessions on the treadmill four days a week. During the sessions, each group exercised at their respective paces until the same number of calories was burned. After three months -- with absolutely no dieting -- the slower-goers lost an average of more than seven (7) pounds each, while the quicker group dropped only four (4) pounds each.

Not a treadmill type? No problem. Do whatever you like; just do something. The results are waiting!

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