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Stand Up for Rock-Hard Abs!

Wed, 31 May 2006 by Denise Austin

Most people think it takes hundreds of crunches to get a rock-hard belly. But there's another little secret many people miss. By standing correctly and pulling your abs in tight like I do, you'll work them out all day long! After all, what do you think works better, five minutes of crunches a day or 16 hours of holding your abs in? Not that crunches don't work, they do, but you'll get faster, better results by improving your posture, too.

Try this trick: When you sit and stand, imagine there's a string attached to the top of your head pulling your whole body up. See how your hips automatically tuck under and your tummy sucks in? For comparison, slump down and see how your stomach pooches out. If you don't have good posture now, it will take a while to "train" your body how to sit and stand correctly. But keep it up and soon it will become second nature. There you go, you look great!

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