Saturday, January 26, 2008

Body fat scales, analyzers and calipers

There is much disagreement about how to best measure body fat. I preferred using calipers, when I had a good personal trainer who measured me once a month. Interestingly, the numbers came out pretty close to those I received at

The one problem with the website is you need to take a couple measurements, waist and forearm for men.

The problem with calipers is that you need the same well trained person to do your measurement every time. Otherwise your reading will be less accurate, and not useful for comparison with previous measurements.

The problem with scales and other body fat analyzers is that you need to use them according to their directions, usually the first thing in the morning. Their advantage is that you have a number to go by, without a lot of caliper or tape measurements. Then you can see if you are going up or down in body fat, even if it isn't 100% accurate.

Whatever your device indicates as your body fat, work toward a more healthy percentage. It could be that your body fat percentage is too low!

Check out body fat scales, analyzers and calipers at



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