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Break the Soda Habit!

Fri, 8 Dec 2006 by Denise Austin

If you're used to drinking a can (or two or three) of regular soda a day, it can be hard to switch to water. But believe me, your body will thank you! Try these tips for breaking the soda habit:

  • Don't keep an endless supply of soda in the fridge. Buy only enough to have one a day, and ration it out.
  • If you can't go cold turkey, switch to diet soda to help wean yourself. Diet drinks taste a lot better than they used to!
  • Replace soda with water or unsweetened iced tea for just a week then have a can. You may be surprised to find you've lost the taste for it!
  • Stop drinking soda out of a can. Instead, fill a glass with ice, then add the soda. You'll drink less soda, and it will be easier to eventually wean yourself off it.
  • Calculate the calories. If you drink one soda a day for a year, that's 58,400 calories, or almost 17 pounds!

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