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Three Keys to Fitness!

Wed, 8 Nov 2006 by Denise Austin

If you're not sure how often, hard, or long your aerobic workout should be, let the F.I.T. system be your guide:

F = Frequency: Remember that the more times you work out each week, the better and faster your results will be. Once a week is a good start, two is better, three is terrific, and four is stupendous!

I = Intensity: If you work out too hard, you'll burn muscle instead of fat. If you don't work out hard enough, you won't get results. Aim to exercise in your optimum fat-burning zone. Find it by subtracting your age from 220 to get your maximum heart rate. Multiply that number by .60 for your best fat-burning zone, and by .85 to find the point at which your body will stop burning fat and start burning muscle. Your range will likely be somewhere between 100 and 135 beats per minute.

T = Time: Aim for a minimum of 20 minutes to start, even if you break your workout into two 10-minute sessions. Add minutes as you gain strength. Eventually, you'll be able to sustain a longer workout, which will rev up those fat-burning engines!

Send us your favorite fitness tips, maybe we will add them to our fitness blog. Remember to give your source!
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