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The Power of Protein

Sat, 30 Dec 2006 by Denise Austin

Here's a good reason to make sure you include a source of lean protein in every meal, it helps you feel full. That's according to French researchers, who recently studied the role protein plays in losing weight. They say that while protein isn't a magic food, as some diet plans claim, it does seem to send the "all full" signal to your brain in a way veggies and fruits can't.

So what's the best choice when it comes to protein? Opt for low-fat, high-quality sources like skinless chicken breast, tofu, and fish. Avoid any protein that's loaded with cholesterol and fat, like bacon or ground beef. However, this recent research also proves a point I've been making for years: it's a well-balanced diet - not the latest fad - that pays off in the long run. So make sure you're eating your proteins along with the veggies, fruits, and complex carbs. Your taste buds - and waistline - will thank you!

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