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Joshua eating ice cream at Prima

Prevent Childhood Obesity!

How can we help children avoid a lifelong battle with obesity? Sharron Dalton, a childhood obesity expert, recommends that parents do the following:

  • Be the authority: Total freedom of diet and total control aren't possible for most of us. Use a balanced approach to helping your child learn to eat right. Make eating a balanced, healthy diet with reasonable portions an everyday family goal!
  • Plan and eat meals together: Research shows that children with families who eat together have a lower risk of eating disorders.
  • Eat moderately: Serving children large portions teaches them to overeat! Learn what an appropriate serving size is (measure it out if you have to) for you and your child.
  • Engage in indoor and outdoor activities: Have a family plan to stay active year-round, regardless of the weather!
  • Promote healthy alternatives: Put away the video games and television. Go for a walk, bike ride, trip to the park, or other activity instead.
  • Get enough sleep: Studies have shown a link between sleep deprivation and obesity. Make sure that children age seven to 18 get nine hours a night. Younger children need even more!

Send us your favorite fitness tips, maybe we will add them to our fitness blog. Remember to give your source!
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