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Five Reasons to Pump Iron

Wed, 10 Jan 2007 by Denise Austin

If you're avoiding weight lifting because you're afraid you'll bulk up, worry not! When paired with regular aerobic activity, weight training will lead to a long, lean, toned look - not the Ms. or Mr. Atlas title! And if that isn't enough incentive, check out these five other good reasons to pump iron, according to the National Strength and Conditioning Association:

  1. Lifting weights challenges your bones, leading to increased bone mineral density.
  2. Studies link weight lifting to lower levels of depression and anxiety and a greater feeling of psychological wellness.
  3. Strong muscles lower your risk of a sports injury.
  4. Working out with weights helps lower your cholesterol and blood pressure.
  5. Lifting weights gives you an increased ability to perform daily tasks, such as lifting heavy groceries.

Send us your favorite fitness tips, maybe we will add them to our fitness blog. Remember to give your source!
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