Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love's Counterfeits

A comparison study of 1 Corinthians 13 by David Film

Love is patient, but tolerance runs out

Love is kind, but sentimentality pretends

Love does not envy, but jealousy puts on an act

Love does not brag, but approbation fishes for compliments

Love is not proud, but false humility is

Love is genuine, but "eros" tries to impress

Love has no selfish motives, but greed says "What's in it for me"

Love returns good for evil, but revenge IS evil

Love does not look for evil, but hostility looks to criticize

Love does not rejoice in evil, but rebellion loves destruction

Love rejoices in the Truth, but gossip spreads lies

Love bears all things, but good intentions collapse when tested

Love believes all things, but gullibility lacks discernment

Love hopes for the best, but pessimism expects the worst

Love endures all things, but futility gives up

Love never fails, but human efforts are fickle

And now abides
Faith (not presumption)
Hope (not wishful thinking)
Love (not sentimentality)
And the greatest of these...
is agape love.
(c)1993 David Film

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