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More than dreamsMore Than Dreams

Testimonies of five former Muslims recreated in docu-drama format; in original languages with English subtitles. 3 hours.

Review by Zism (Whittier, CA United States) source

This is quite frankly one of the greatest films I have ever seen. The quality is outstanding, but it's the content that is breathtaking. 5 stories - chosen from hundreds upon hundreds of other stories - of Muslims receiving dreams and/or visions of Jesus coming to them to offer a real relationship with God. Each story is a dramatic reenactment interspersed with interviews of the actual person, done in the original languages with English sub-titles. The most impressive features of these films: 1) The way that these dreams and visions are depicted on film is simply magnificent - realistic and awe-inspiring; 2) The ethnic/geographic diversity of the 5 stories (Indonesia, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, and Nigeria); 3) These films effectively portray Muslims as real people and not all fanatics - something many Western Christians need to realize; 4) The 5 minute sermonettes at the end of each film by a pastoral figure from that nation. This film is a must see!

Islam's Hidden Half

This is a fun and short DVD that introduces children to Islam, from a Christian point of view. The term "Hidden Half" refers to children, who are often overlooked in Christian mission. It is hosted by two British kids who talk about Islam and the barriers to reaching Muslims. You will also meet 10-year old Hadisha and Aziz, a shepherd boy.

We've used this video for many years. It helps children understand the "Five Pillars of Islam" from the point of view of Hadisha and Aziz. It is good for all age children. We use it mostly in Sunday School classes.

Christianity and Islam

Four 25-minute sessions on DVD by noted theologian, best-selling author, editor, and Dean of Beeson Divinity School at Samford University, Dr. Timothy George; includes one study guide booklet.

Review by Prof. Rockrohr (Ann Arbor, MI) source

This DVD has indeed as part of its agenda converting the Muslim. A true Christian analysis will always have that goal, so if you are looking for a "secular" non-religious, or a non-traditional or liberal Christian viewpoint, this is not for you. However, the Christian/Islam analysis is fair and balanced. The presentation respects Islam but clearly shows the differences. The presentation has Muslim leaders and scholars, and quotes from the Quran, pointing out the differences between Islam and Christianity. This is a very respectable approach for a Christian based analysis. I recommend this DVD to any who want to hear a presentation that is fair and also holds to faith in Jesus Christ.

Front cover of Inside IslamInside Islam (History Channel) (2002)

A 100-minute in-depth program produced by The History Channel.

Review by Kim (Waukesha, Wisconsin) source

In preparing to teach Islam to undergraduates for the first time, I watched lots of videos on Islam, both to expand my own knowledge and to find good clips to show in class. This is one of the videos that I found most useful for both purposes.

"Inside Islam" is a 2002 documentary that provides a good introduction to Islam. Topics include Islam's connections with Judaism and Christianity, the life of Muhammad, the Five Pillars of Islam (the profession of faith, prayer, charity, fasting during the month of Ramadan, and the pilgrimage to Mecca), the history of Islam, women in Islam, European colonialism, Islamism, the Nation of Islam, and jihad.

While this documentary may not provide an entirely balanced picture of Islam (leaning heavily toward the positive), if you're looking to get a basic literacy in Islam--to understand what the central practices are, who Muhammad is, and a bit of the history of Islam--I'd highly recommend this video.

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