Mary needs your prayers!

Mary's photo

She is 20 years old now. When we first met her she was only 7 years old. She was always sad. Her legs had bad sores on them. They were twice as big as a quarter. Her family used to call her ugly because of her sores.

We started praying for her sores to get better. Every day we would help her wash them. She cried tears, but no sound came from her lips. Then we would put medicine on them. It took more than a year to heal those ugly sores!

Now they don't call her ugly any more. In fact, she may get married soon. Girls sometimes get married at only 13 years old. Pray that God would give her a good Christian husband.

Mary is working in an African home as a house girl. Pray that God would protect her as she lives with this family.

Pray for her father who is very old. He has to walk many miles to his rice fields every day.