Mike Farho

I'm Mike Farho. I started our website in 1997. I enjoy programming this website. It is my hobby and ministry blended together. The purpose of Farho.net is to equip you to pray for Mike and Sue Farho

My Mike Farho blogs share my life in Africa. These blogs include fitness, gospel, our prayer needs, and our Farho family.

Farho Blogs

I started sending monthly prayer updates by e-mail in 1997. I started posting my prayer updates on the Web in August of 2000.

Our Farho Prayer blog shares specific prayer requests that are updated every Tuesday.

Our Farho family blog is mostly photos of our family over the years.

My Farho Fitness blog shares helpful fitness and health information from reliable sources I trust.

Our Good News blog includes stories that circulate on the Web that might encourage you. Some stories clarify the Gospel Biblical teaching concerning personal faith and salvation.