Mike Farho's Résumé

Family Photo taken June 2003 -19k

Rev. Michael L. Farho


Mentor faithful, available and teachable Leaders in West Africa 2 Tim. 2:2


1988–Present The C&MA Colorado Springs, CO

International Pastor

  • Equipped and motivated national teams to evangelize people resistant to the Gospel.
  • Planted Churchs.
  • Equipped a national team to setup, operate and manage FM radio stations.

1985–1988 The Alliance Charlotte, NC

Church Planter

  • Planted a C&MA Church in South Carolina.
  • Equipped church members to evangelize the lost.


2002 Christian Alliance Institute of Theology Beirut, Lebanon

  • Seminar of Intercultural Studies

1992–1993 Master Planning Group International Omaha, NE

  • Used Master Planning with annual reports sent yearly to C&MA Mission leaders, Bob Thune, Tom Stebbins and Tom Ostrom.
  • Translated materials to French and trained National Pastors to use Master Planning.

1984–1985 Alliance Theological Seminary Nyack, NY

  • Master of Professional Studies in Missions and Theology.

1980–1984 Grace University Omaha, NE

  • B.S. in Bible and Radio and Television Announcing


Walking, aerobics, reading, Web site programming.