There and Here
Africa and Omaha

  1. Our friends who need Jesus are there.
  2. The palm trees are there.
  3. The war goes on there.
  4. The black snow is there.
  5. The police stops are there.
  6. The sun is so intense there.
  7. The heat is overwhelming there.
  8. The orange taxis are there.
  9. The homeless sleep on the corners there.
  10. The people asking for money are there.
  11. Malaria is there.
  12. French, Arabic, Jula are spoken there.
  13. Cold showers feel great there.
  14. Bad water is there.
  15. Different food is there.
  16. Dirty streets are there.
  17. Small stores are there.
  18. Hamburger House is there.
  19. Sweating is there.
  20. Quiet nights at home with our family there.
  21. Long weekends with unbelievers there.
  22. Times with fellow international workers there.
  23. The Lord is there.
  24. The Lord’s ways are best there.
  1. Our hearts cry out for them here.
  2. The evergreens are here.
  3. The peace stays here.
  4. The white snow is here.
  5. The kind police are here.
  6. The sun hides here.
  7. The cold is overwhelming here.
  8. The SUV’s are here.
  9. The homeless are much fewer here.
  10. Those in need go to shelters here.
  11. The Flu is here.
  12. English and Spanish are spoken here.
  13. Cold showers are totally uncomfortable here.
  14. Great water is here.
  15. Great food is here.
  16. Clean streets are here.
  17. Large stores are here.
  18. McDonald’s is here.
  19. Dryness is here.
  20. Busy nights telling people about Africa here.
  21. Long weekends with believers here.
  22. Times with our own families here.
  23. The Lord is here.
  24. The Lord’s ways are best here.

Our desire is to be like Mary who said in Luke 1:38, “I am the Lord’s Servant and I am willing to do whatever He wants.”