Pillars of Hope Report

January 23, 2002

A ministry of the Alliance to reach Muslims in Cote d'Ivoire, Africa.
Ministry Team on-Site in Bouake Carina Saarloos
Ministry Team in Abidjan Steve and Amy Nehlsen; Toby and Kiersten

Dear Pillars of Hope Prayer Team:

It has, once again, been some time since you heard from us. It isn't that we don't want to write, nor that we don't have anything to communicate. We long to be in regular contact with you and let you know how you can continue to support us in prayer.

As most of you know, due to security needs, the Nehlsen family has moved to Abidjan. This was not an easy move, but seemed "good to us and to the Holy Spirit" that such a move should be made. This does not mean that they are abandoning the ministry there, but Steve plans to make it to Bouake ev

Pastor Jean Traore and his wife, Martha, have been a real "answer to prayer" during this time of need. We would be hard-pressed without them. They are working together with Carina to carry out ministry there. This has not been easy, but the Lord is working. Soon Carina will be leaving for a 4

Toby and Kiersten are currently in Abidjan and continuing their French language study. We aren't sure at this point if they will be staying there or if they will be moving to Bouake eventually. We need you to join us in praying for God to show us what is best.

We are currently in the middle of a 10-day evangelism campaign. We apologize for not telling you sooner, but it's not too late to join in prayer with us. We are 6 key places to hold services. God has given liberty and reception and we have been able to carry out 5 nights of ministry. Pray that hearts will be pierced with the truth of the Gospel and the glory of Jesus.

I wish that I could adequately describe to you the joy of seeing this campaign take place. We have singing, Carina doing a few songs for kids, Scripture reading in Arabic, Jula, and French, preaching, and the Jesus film. It is a powerful scene and God is going to use it for His glory.

Now just a few praise items and prayer fuel to talk to our Father about.

Praise Bulletin: God continues to bless at the House of Mercy and we are thankful for His blessings. The holiday activities passed smoothly, and for some, it was their first Christmas to know Emmanuel God with us!

Praise Bulletin: God continues to work in the women's prison where Carina and Martha and an ex-prisoner, Aya, minister. They take food and medicines each week and often Carina goes back during other days to visit and check up on the ladies. God has worked in a number of lives and several ladies who have been released are participating in the House of Mercy.

If this kind of ministry touches your heart and you would like to contribute to the purchasing of food and medicines that enable Carina to show God's love, you can send your gifts to help with this. Contact me if you are interested.

Praise Bulletin: 5 nights of evangelism have taken place, we have 5 to go. Some of these last neighborhoods will be in the heart of the Muslim community. Pray for liberty and power. God has blessed with some gifted, anointed evangelists.

Praise Bulletin: 2 people have professed salvation in the 5 nights of evangelism. Pray for their perseverance and understanding of these 2. Pray that others whose hearts have been touched, will be saved.

Prayer Bulletin: We just discovered this week that one of our leaders is involved in consulting a "Muslim witch doctor" (otherwise called 'a marabou). We will have to tackle this problem on Friday of this week. Please pray that we can deal with it wisely and firmly.

Prayer Bulletin: While God is working on the evangelism front, Satan is trying to work in the church. We have a number of folks who are causing problems in the church, in one way or another. This is something else we will be trying to deal with this Friday.

Prayer Bulletin: Pray for Amy and Carina as they lead a seminar (February 5-9) for training women leaders, along with 1 national pastor's wife. It is a wonderful opportunity to train women to lead other women in their churches. Pray that the ladies will not only grasp the material, but that they will put it to use when they return to their churches. Over 30 women have been invited.


Let me share with you one way that God worked out some details regarding the evangelism campaign. We had invited an evangelist from another country to come help He received the first letter of invitation, but the second letter was not delivered to him by another pastor. So he was not aware of the exact dates of our campaign and decided he wouldn't come. God had it that a layman from Cote d'Ivoire was up there for business and went by to see the evangelist. When he found him, he said, "You know they are expecting you in Cote d'Ivoire. Pack your stuff and let's go". They did and they arrived on schedule. Praise the Lord.

Now another evangelist that we invited, has been inflicted with a swollen hand. Satan does not want this campaign to finish. Pray that God will provide the right person to complete the campaign.

We are dreaming big about what God would want us to do. We don't want to start things that can't be continued after our departure. But we want to throw out a "big net" in order to bring in the greatest amount of harvest for the kingdom. Thanks for joining with us in seeing this happen.


Steve Nehlsen, for the team.
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