Pillars of Hope Report

Updated July 30, 2002

A ministry of the Alliance to reach Muslims in Cote d'Ivoire, Africa.

Ministry Team in Bouake Carina Saarloos, Toby and Kiersten Hull
Ministry Team in Abidjan Steve and Amy Nehlsen
Dear Pillars of Hope Prayer Team:
Amy recently shared some verses that she had come across in her time in the Word.  The same verses were reiterated by our Field Director at our recent Field Conference.  Don't you just love it when the Lord gets His point acrosss so clearly?  It certainly has been a passage that infuses courage into your heart, knowing that the Lord makes us to stand.  In light of the world situation, we do not lose heart.  Here are those verses, hoping that they are encouragement to you as they were to us.
Read 2 Cor 4 
verse 1 : Therefore, since through God's mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart.
... and again verse 16 ; Therefore we do not lose heart.
PRAISE BULLETIN:  Praise the Lord, Carina arrived back after her 3-month furlough.  In her absence, the prison ministry continued to move forward, as did the Sunday School.  She was encouraged to see what they were able to do while she was gone.
PRAISE BULLETIN:  The Lord brought another Muslim to himself.  His name is Adama S.  Pray for him as he begins his new life.  He is a bit older than the typical ones we have seen.  He is 40-ish.  Pray that he will be used to draw others to the Lord.
PRAISE BULLETIN:  We were able to purchase the piece of property bordering directly on our property.  This will enable us to expand our center to build a Sunday School unit, a pastor's residence, a small school, or something else that will be useful for the kingdom.  Along with this, we are encouraged to see that they are electrifying the neighborhood, so that we may soon have lights on our property.  Our small generator is seeing its last days.
PRAISE BULLETIN:  Toby and Kiersten Hull were able to move to Bouake and get somewhat settled in their new home before going to the U.S. for a wedding and some vacation.
PRAYER BULLETIN:  Pray for Pastor Jean and Martha as they finish their last months at the House of Mercy.  Pray that they will finish strong with some great experiences to be encouraged by as they return for their last year of Bible School.
PRAYER BULLETIN:  Pray for a replacement to be found to fill Pastor Jean and Martha's place at the House of Mercy.  We are currently talking to the national church regarding this need.  We have someone in mind to fill that spot, but we need to have the approval of the national church. 
PRAYER BULLETIN:  Development needs.  We continue to wrestle with ways to help people become employed and profitable citizens in a country where the economy continues to decline and jobs are harder and harder to come by.  Pray that God will grant us wisdom and creativity.
PRAYER BULLETIN:  Security issues.  The city of Bouake continues to have some security problems.  Pray for our team members living there that they will be protected and that they will not fear.  Pray that God will enable this ongoing problem to be resolved soon.
PRAYER BULLETIN:  Steve and Amy are praying for God's direction for ministry in Abidjan.  There are several potential ministries they could involve themselves in, but they want what is the best for the kingdom and for the use of their gifts.  Pray for wisdom and discernment to know God's will.
Prayer Bits and Pieces:
  1. Pray for Diomande as he continues to struggle in his faith.  Pray that he will exercise his faith.
  2. Pray for the organization of another womens training seminar for October.
  3. Pray for the organization of an evangelism outing for November and possibly in January, as well.
  4. Pray that the Lord will raise up some strong leaders in the House of Mercy Church.  
We are dreaming big about what God would want us to do.  We don't want to start things that can't be continued after our departure.  But we want to throw out a "big net" in order to bring in the greatest amount of harvest for the kingdom.  Thanks for joining with us in seeing this happen.

Steve Nehlsen for the team
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