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Farho Prayer Blog 08/25/2000
Greetings from Bouake. Yes, we did make it OK, we have just been overwhelmed with getting the house cleaned up and other work.

Our flight was smooth to Abidjan. Joshua was really pretty good. He slept real well to Amsterdam, but had a little trouble sleeping during the day trip to Abidjan. He made good friendships with Ivorians during his many trips up and down the isles of the plane. One man even taught him his secret handshake!

Our house was full of mold when we arrived on Tuesday afternoon. Our washer and dryer have been running non-stop until today. We are really thankful for that wringer washer and gas dryer!

While in Abidjan we were able to have some good meetings about FM radio. Rev. Jim Sawatsky is the Africa Region Radio Director for the CMA Canada. He is here helping us figure out solutions to some of our challenges. We are being encouraged by the ELVA FM Radio Director to setup three stations rather than just the two we are working on.

Please pray for us as we seek a solution for the method to use to get the signal from ELVA FM in Abidjan to our translator stations in country.

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