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Farho Prayer Blog 09/05/2000
Hope school is off to a great start for everyone at your point of the planet. All goes well for John here. He is a freshman in high school now. I am relieved that he has been getting 100% on all his Algebra quizzes so far. I would hate to have start helping him with that!

I just got home this morning from a two day stay in Abidjan. We were very busy in meetings and important visits for radio. We are still trying to find an affordable way to get our radio broadcasts from Abidjan to Bouake and the other cities we want to set up transmitters in. We found some bad news, but the good news far out weighed it. If the peace will last here, I think we will be able to get on the air in two or three cities over the next year.

Pray for Joshua who has a cough right now. The international worker nurse said it was probably a symptom of worms, that are going around right now!

Pray for me as I have to make another trip to a camp that is six hours drive away. It is near Guinea. We will go there on Friday for a meeting and return home on Saturday. On the way, I will have some work to do in Daloa. Pray for all the details to come together.

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