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Farho Prayer Blog 09/19/2000
Would you believe another coup d'état attempt in the wee hours of Monday morning? It was another day of danger, especially in Abidjan. The sound of gunfire rang out through most of the day. Members of the presidential guard conspired to kill the Ivorian President. He was somehow warned and the attempt did kill at least two of his body guards. Pray that elections would be held, as now planned, on the 22nd of October.

Pray for me, Mike, as I travel to Abidjan for five days of meetings in our Field Leadership Team (FLT). The return trip home should be on Monday, so pray for those two days of travel over dangerous roads.

Pray for Joshua, who still has his cough. I took him to see the Lebanese Doctor again today. He said not to worry and to keep giving him his cough medicine. God can heal him if we pray!

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