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Farho Prayer Blog 10/24/2000

Ivory Coast Election

We have had another exciting week here in Cote d'Ivoire. Your prayers mean more than ever to us.

The presidential ballot took place in great peace and without incident. Folks, including us, stayed up late into Sunday night to hear the results. The results were slow to come. Monday morning, results were still coming in slowly, but it looked like the opposition candidate was significantly ahead. Then the results stopped coming in all together! Now the general, who led the coup d'etat last December, is announcing that he is the new president. He has declared a state of emergency and announced a curfew.

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Tonight many people are marching around the city, in violation of the curfew. We can't see them from our house, but it sounds like thousands of them. Roads have been blocked, filled with demonstrators, since 3:30 pm. We will probably have to keep John home from school tomorrow. Pray that we would be safe and that God would control the situation.

Galatians 3.11
....the just will live by faith.

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