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Farho Prayer Blog 11/07/2000

Thank you for your prayers over the last week. The trip to Abidjan went smoothly with no accidents or break down. We had excellent meetings in our Field Leadership Team. We had three guest speakers, who encouraged us in our field Vision Statement and it's implementation.

Here is our Vision Statement: By the grace of God we will prayerfully impart, by all means possible, the message of the fullness of Christ. We will evangelize and plant churches among unreached ethnic and socioeconomic groups, while seeking to nurture the emerging international worker vision of the national church. So that, together, we may accomplish the international worker mandate.


Pray for Philemon and the Muslim Background Believers in Daloa. I made a quick trip there yesterday to encourage them. Philemon is their lay preacher. He has a little business and attends night school. Last week, bandits attacked and stole all of his equipment. We are praying about helping him to get going again. One of the believers had his open air welding shop attacked. Fortunately, his equipment was not damaged or stolen.

Pray for Sue. She has been very frustrated by the lack of Lebanese women and girls to minister to this fall. The mothers and daughters she was helping last school year have not yet returned from Lebanon, because of the danger here. She also misses the great fellowship and Bible studies that she enjoys so much when we are in USA for Home Assignment.

Hosea 10:12a Sow for yourselves righteousness, reap the fruit of unfailing love.

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