Farho Prayer Blog 01/02/2001

"Oh Lord, how will we ever survive until July." Sue Farho

That was Sue's prayer as we finished our fourth devotional of the night with the International worker Kids (MKs) of Bethel Dormitory. One week ago today, Evan and Jewel Evans pleaded with us to pray about investing six months of our lives parenting these 18 children at the International Christian Academy (ICA).

Bethel dorm kids on an outing last year at local hotel

So now, we have 20 children, our two, plus 18. They range in age from Joshua age three on January 6, 2001 to weight lifter Matt Cobb, 5'9", at 14 years old. I was relieved that I was able to beat him at arm wrestling before devotions this evening! Pray that we survive ! !

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