Farho Prayer Blog 01/23/2001

"The noble man makes noble plans, and by noble deeds he stands." Isaiah 32:8 (NIV)

Team passing out candy

"Thank you for bringing all the candy and working on our dorm." One of our "kids" thanking the Canadian Work Team for their generosity.

The twelve men of the Immanuel Alliance Church in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada were most appreciated today. It was their occasion to give Bethel Dorm new soccer & basketballs and a bag full of candy to each child.

Pray for all the details of the work to finish smoothly on Wednesday. Please pray for Morgan, Charles, Glenn, Jim, Randy, Allan, Don, Pastor Kirk, Paul, Steve, Dave and Frank as they will be driving down to Abidjan in the ICA bus on Thursday morning. They are flying home the same evening. It has been an exciting two weeks for them. Two of the men said that they are interested in coming back as dorm parents!

Romans 6:23 "...The free gift of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord."

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