Hannah Trosen is one of our 8th graders.

Farho Prayer Blog 02/13/2001

"This must be the most fun week of the year at ICA!." An 8th grader.

Why is this week so fun? Actually there are two reasons. First, this is their week of outdoor education. All 8th graders travel together to Camp Higher Ground in the mountains by the city Man. It is five days of hiking, learning and fun! Pray that they have a safe adventure.

The second thing that makes this such a fun week is Penny Fair. It is like a fall festival, with games, booths, rides and candy and food from the USA. Activities include: laser tag, paint ball shooting, fishing tank, the sky ride, water slides, etc. Pray for all the parents coming from all West Africa would have safe travel and good times with their children.

Romans 6:23 "...The free gift of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord."