Farho Prayer Blog 03/20/2001

"Well, I hit the big 45 years old on March 23rd, but Sue is much, much younger than I am!" Mike ;-) Farho

Trans World Radio (TWR) and ELVA are seeking partners in Radio ministry so that radio can advance and cover the entire country. We have a working recording studio in Bouaké, which prepares programs in Baoulé and Jula for ELVA and TWR. We in the C&MA desire to expand our radio ministry. We will install, by the grace of God, at least two FM radio stations this coming year, in Abengourou (Agni country) and in Bouaké. This will increase our efforts to share the Good News of Christ to unreached peoples. Bouake is a city of about one million. From 40- 50% of its population is Muslim. Imagine, roughly 500,000 Muslims who do not know a Christian, who will be able to hear the Gospel in their own homes!

PRAY for the details of these FM stations. PRAY that qualified personnel, international worker and national, would be provided in order to expand this ministry. PRAY that radio ministry would produce great fruit for the Kingdom of God. PRAY for the C&MA Council 2001 Offering for Radio in West Africa.

Psalm 19:1 The heavens are telling the glory of God and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.

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