Farho May 2001 Prayer Blog

Date: 05/30/2001

"Will you still be able to provide me with the presentations?" Lorrie Shields, CE Director at First Alliance Church, Port Charlotte, FL.

Pray for the Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) taking place in Port Charlotte, Florida and Orange City, Iowa. They are receiving offerings for our radio ministry and meeting place of the Muslim Background Believers in Daloa.

If you are having a VBS or some other event, we have ready to run computer presentations that I can email you about our ministries They are each less than two minutes in length. They introduce our family and field and present our ministries: Radio, Muslim, Dorm Parenting, and Lebanese. They follow the Truth Trackers theme of the search for the meaning of the stone tablets (The Ten Commandments). Each of the five presentations covers one of the ten commandments, with a missions application and prayer requests.

Grateful that you "Pray for us" 1 Thess. 5:25

Date: 05/22/2001

"Is it ever OK to lie?" Mike, during our Tea Time devotions tonight.

During the last month or so, we have been using our Friday night movie as a discussion point for our Tuesday devotions. The last movie we showed to our middle school dorm kids was about a young woman who protected Jews from the Nazis. When she was put in a circumstance to lie to save the lives of 12 people, she chose to give an answer that was not asked for, rather than lying. Pray for us as we work in a culture that accepts lying as a way of saving face. Not that much different than USA is it? One boy said it was always wrong to lie, but that he might do it to save a life. He said he would then ask God's forgiveness for that sin against Him.

Grateful that you "Pray for us" 1 Thess. 5:25

Date: 05/15/2001

"Happy 22nd birthday honey!" Mike, with a big kiss, to Sue this morning when Sue woke up.

I told you I married a much younger woman! :-) We will celebrate today with a cake mix given us by our friends in Lancaster, PA, and a steak and fries from a restaurant. It is also great having our three year old "Fountain of Youth" AKA Joshua to keep us healthy and young.

Little did Sue know we would be adding 18 more kids to our family this year. This weekend is a "long weekend" with the kids out of school Friday-Sunday. We are planning some special surprises for the nine students who will not be gone with their parents. Pray for us that we would "finish well" here at ICA. We have only seven weeks left in our commitment, then back to our regular Radio and Lebanese ministries full time.

Grateful that you "Pray for us" 1 Thess. 5:25

Date: 05/08/2001

"An African would never touch one of those!" Privat, our Bethel Dorm houseboy talking about a chameleon that the boys caught.

I asked him why he was afraid to touch it. He said that from a young age he was taught to never touch them. He said his parents said if he touched one he would die, unless he covered the chameleon with a white piece of cloth and bit it. Then he would live.

I asked some of the students why they thought our worker was afraid to touch the chameleon. One senior said he was told that chameleons carry evil spirits. So it is best to leave them alone.

Pray for us as we minister in a land where evil spirits don't mask themselves in "new age" wrapping like they do in USA. Here curses and demons are a reality of everyday life. Pray that the evil one would be bound and that his captives would be set free in Christ. Matt. 16:19

Date: 05/01/2001

"That is a beautiful vision statement!" Isaac Keita, director of the West African Theological Seminary in Abidjan.

Here is our C&MA Cote d'Ivoire vision statement:

By the grace of God we will prayerfully impart by all means possible the message of the fullness of Christ. We will evangelize and plant churches among unreached ethnic and socio-economic groups while seeking to nurture the emerging international worker vision of the National Church so that together we may accomplish the international worker mandate.

We will accomplish this by:
1) Continuing current efforts to reach Unreached People Groups (UPGs): Muslim, Lebanese, Agni, and upper class in Abidjan.
2) Identifying and selecting target UPGs in urban centers in conjunction with the national church and other mission agencies.
3) Continuing to contribute to the development of both formal and non- formal systems of theological and missiological education.
4) Assisting the National Church to accomplish it's God given international worker vision.

Pray for us as we put our vision into practice.

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