Farho June 2001 Prayer Blog

Date: 06/26/2001

"Don't drink any wine on the plane!" A mother of one of the four teens who left for the USA Sunday June 24.

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Pray for our 15 year old son John who is one of many youth attending Life 2001 this week in Columbus, Ohio. This is really a big stretch of faith to send him home for this conference. John will be at Life 2001 until June 28th. He will be in Omaha June 29th through July 11th. He will finish his stay in Des Moines July 11-21. He will be flying on July 21 and 22 back to Africa. Praise God with us for the generosity of the Butler, PA Church, who paid for John's plane ticket. Pray for his safety, both spiritual and physical during his one month visit in the USA. About seven weeks ago he broke his wrist in a fall while playing basketball. Pray that it would heal well and that the pain would go away.

Trusting in Him,
Mike and Sue

Date: 06/19/2001

"What did those women say?" Mike to his translator in a Baoulé village, after three women I was sharing the gospel with got up and ran into their homes.

President of the village church. 10k  "They said that there was a fetish (an idol or object with demonic powers) coming down the trail. Women are forbidden to see it." Then I noticed the wailing of people that was coming closer to us. So I sent my translator in the house to ask permission to finish sharing the "Good News" inside. As I shared with these women the reason why Jesus died on the cross, the fetish passed by their house. Even though we were inside, with all shutters closed and little light, they covered their eyes with fabric. They also closed their eyes to the "Good News", out of fear of the Evil One. Pray for these women, who are bound by fear, to be set free by the power of the resurrection. Luke 4:18

Date: 06/12/2001

"It is not the duration of a life that counts, but the donation." Peter Marshall

Sign on highway at ICA. 3k  Praise God with us that we received great evaluations from our dorm kids and their parents. Our "life" here at ICA only had a short duration of six months, but God allowed it to be a time of great donation into the lives of these 18 young international worker kids. We feel very encouraged by the way God has blessed during these months. We know much of the credit goes to you, because of your faithful prayers. Pray that as the last two weeks here wind down, we would be able to have good closure with the kids as their dorm parents.

Pray for us as we prepare for our annual Field Prayer Conference July 2- 7. Pray for our special speaker, coming out from Illinois, Rev. Nevin Wiest.

Grateful that you "Pray for us" 1 Thess. 5:25,
Mike and Sue Farho

Date: 06/05/2001

"You're not the champion, until you can beat Uncle Mike with both arms." Jeremy to Matt after I was soundly defeated arm wrestling Matt right handed, but beat him left handed.

Matt and Steven making tea. 3k  Our weeks are nearly over at Bethel dormitory at the International Christian Academy (ICA). We have been challenged both physically and spiritually. Like ICA students, we look forward to moving home soon. Pray for "our" Bethel kids, as many will be going home to the USA or Canada with their parents for home assignment. Pray that they would have good closure with the folks both here and in their parents' places of ministry. Pray for kids graduating into different dorms next year. Pray for Graduation Day and Leaving Day, June 30, 2001.

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