Farho July 2001 Prayer Blog

Date: 07/31/2001

"I have never seen a computer act so weird before!" Kevin Brock, computer programmer and technician, who was working on our recording studio computer and my home desktop computer. He returned home to Atlanta, GA last night. He is a MK and member of the Lilburn Church. He just completed a six month ministry at John's school (ICA), running the network and managing all the technology issues. Praise God for his four days of hard work for radio. Praise God for the good ministry in Daloa last weekend. There was also a seminar to train lay people how to share the good news of Jesus with Muslims.

Date: 07/24/2001

"I can't believe it. It looks like John grew an inch in the last month!" Sue after John's arrival from the USA on Sunday night. PTL for John's safe return to Africa. Pray for the more than 10,000 youth who attended Life 2001 in Columbus, Ohio. Many made commitments to follow the Lord Jesus as international workers. Pray that they would be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and their spiritual leaders as they follow through on this calling.

Date: 07/17/2001

"Where are our plane tickets?" The other teens traveling with John to the USA for Life 2001 three weeks ago. It was a stressful scene that was brought to a quick end when John returned form his walk around the Amsterdam airport. He had given all their tickets to the agent to check their connections and boarding passes. The question came up again last week, in an email from Grandpa Porter in Des Moines. Praise God that they have John's tickets. Pray for John as he returns to Cote d'Ivoire this weekend. He will meet up with other international workers in Detroit.

Date: 07/10/2001

"Life was pretty fun. I saw a bunch of other MKS." Our son John, after one week in the USA at Life 2001. He is also out of money! The good news is that he has been able to find several small jobs to earn extra cash. He said that he bought some new school clothes.

"I don't have any cavities." It sounds like his dentist appointment went as well as his Orthopedist. "He said I could start playing golf again, so we went to the golf course on the way home from the doctor."

Pray for John as he heads to Des Moines tomorrow for ten days with Grandpa Porter and Uncle John. Pray that they would have a good time together.

Date: 07/03/2001

"God has not called us to serve or suffer alone!" Nevin Wiest preaching at our field prayer conference this week. Nevin and his wife Alice are here from the Westmont, Illinois Church.

Praise God with us for the great meetings we are having this week. It is a great encouragement to get together for prayer and fun times together. We are missing our son John, who is home in the USA for the Life 2001 youth conference. Pray that he would be safe while home and that he would have a safe return trip to us on July 21 and 22. Pray for Joshua who is asking, "Where is Johnny?"

Pray for the special evangelism that we will be doing in Daloa July 25-31 with Philemon and our Muslim background believers there.

Grateful that you "Pray for us" 1 Thess. 5:25

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