August 2001 Prayer Blog

Date: 08/28/2001

"Today's mighty oak is yesterday's nut that held its ground." Anonymous

Africa Map 10k Pray for us as we hold our ground in the work of the Lord here in Cote d'Ivoire. These are exciting days in the radio ministry. We are getting ready for the nine day visit of Jim Sawatsky, Media Consultant for the C&MA in Canada. He should arrive on September 10th. Then we have meetings in Abidjan and Abengourou, followed by the installation of equipment in Bouake. Pray for the safe arrival of the equipment and Jim. Pray that we would not have to pay duty on the equipment.

Date: 08/21/2001

"Please dad, let me move back into the dorm." John Farho

John August 2001 9k John really enjoyed his time in Brethren Dorm last January June 2001. He would really like to move back into the dorm, but we would rather enjoy the last few years we have with him. Pray for John and his friends as school starts again tomorrow morning. Pray for all the parents who will be returning to the far reaches of Africa over the next few days. Many must cross treacherous roads and will surely miss their children.

Date: 08/14/2001

"With Jesus, I can handle it." Elizabeth Elliot.

Some days we ask ourselves how we can handle all the crazy stuff taking place around us. Mrs. Elliot's answer is true. Jesus does help us handle it ALL. Today, we received a warning from the US Embassy to stay home tonight and tomorrow. There is a slight possibility of demonstrations. Praise God with us that He is in control. Pray that all would become more peaceful here.

Date: 08/10/2001

On August 7, international worker Amy Nehlsen was abducted by five gunmen from a restaurant where she was eating with her children and another international worker mom and her children. The gunmen then forced her to take them to the guest house where they stole money and valuables. Praise the Lord that the gunmen released Amy unharmed and that all the international workers reacted well under this severe stress. Pray especially for the Nehlsen and the Thomas families, that God will assure them of His protection during all this violence. Pray for their physical and emotional healing.

Date: 08/07/2001

"Talk about perfect timing!"

Africa Map 10k Al Boesenberg reports from Abengourou. "This morning I went to the governor's office, to meet him, and to see if he would give us land for our FM radio station. To my utter amazement, the governor was at that moment making the decision concerning our request! He even had my request in his hand when he greeted me! The land is ours. We can begin construction of the station next week!" Praise God that He has worked out the details for this prime location. Pray for all the details to come together smoothly for the construction.

Grateful that you "Pray for us" 1 Thess. 5:25

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