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Date: 09/25/2001

"Not a whisper of prayer is ever lost." A.B. Simpson

Praise God that He heard your prayers for the duty free arrival of our Bouaké and Abengourou FM Radio equipment. We are half way there. Friday we received word that we will not pay duty, only a required service fee of 5-7%. Pray now for the safe shipment of all the equipment from Holland. Pray also for the safe arrival of our short term international worker, also from Holland, Odin H. V. Woerdekom and his wife on October 3rd.

Date: 09/18/2001

Seraphin working at the base of our FM tower.

"I could never do that job!" Mike, looking up at Cheick at the top of our new FM radio tower in Bouaké.

Praise God with us that the tower went up without any problems. Continue to pray for the safe, duty free arrival of the rest of the equipment from Holland. We should receive the papers this week from the government, allowing our equipment to arrive without taxes.

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Date: 09/11/2001

Firemen at destroyed World Trade Center NYC Pray for the families of those who perished in today's terrible tragedy and for wisdom for President Bush and our leaders who will respond. As shocked as we all feel as we see these images on our TVs, we cannot possibly understand the shock and loss of those who lost their fathers, mothers, grand parents, sons and daughters. Let us join together in prayer. May God give each grieving person His loving embrace. May we be a source of comfort through prayer.

Date: 09/04/2001

Josh & Python June 2001 Take me to town to see grandma, please, please, please?! Joshua, when he saw me framing a photo of Grandma for Sue. Pray for us international workers and MKs as we miss family and friends at home in the USA. This was also a reminder to me that we need to pray for those at home as well, who are missing their grandchildren and children, who are on the mission field. Pray also for safe travel to Abidjan on Monday, to pick up Jim Sawatsky.

Grateful that you "Pray for us" 1 Thess. 5:25

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