November 2001 Prayer Blog

Date: 11/27/2001

"That only took six minutes!" Sue, after I finished changing our flat tire.

I told her, "I could have done it faster if the car wasn't already packed with stuff for our trip to Abidjan tomorrow." Please ask God to give us travel mercies this month. Odin (our short term radio technician) and his wife Bep will also be traveling a lot this next month. Pray for them as they drive to Burkina Faso to install radio equipment. They will also be flying home to Holland just before Christmas. Praise God with us for the great job Odin did fixing up our studios and installing equipment in Bouaké.

Date: 11/20/2001

"I listen to your radio broadcasts every night." Mr. Guindo in Cameroon.

He goes on, "We are forming a house church to listen to your radio programs. Please send preaching and music cassettes. We write to encourage you in the precious name of Jesus." Guindo and his friends are from Mali, but live 1500 miles away in Cameroon. This Thanksgiving, we thank God for your faithful gifts and prayers that make it possible to evangelize and disciple Jula/Bambara speakers from South Africa to Canada. May God bless you and encourage you beyond all measure.

Date: 11/13/2001

"I am too old to learn. Teach the children about Jesus!" Traore in 1993, the first Muslim background believer in our Daloa church.

Because of his encouragement, we did start a Sunday School for the Muslim children in Daloa. For six months there were only two children who came. Then it grew to 20 children. Now, over 40 Muslim background children attend Sunday School. Pray for Philemon as he pastors less than ten adults and more than 40 children in the Muslim background believer's church in Daloa. He is a layman doing his best to make a living and train the believers.

Date: 11/06/2001

"Where do we go from here?" Chaplain Fudge at ICA Sunday.

Because you prayed, Pastor Daniel, Odin and his wife Bep were able to make a safe trip to Abengourou and back. They did have a blow out on the way and the clutch quit working just as they arrived back in Bouaké Saturday night. But the meetings went very well. The foundation is being dug for the new FM station there. Pray that international worker Al Boesenberg would be able to find good workers to get the work done within his slim budget. Pray for volunteers to labor for the Lord. Where do we go from here? On the Air Waves to people's hearts!

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