January 2002 Prayer Blog

Date: 01/29/2002

"We had over 700 a night coming to our open air meetings." Steve Nehlsen, reporting the results of ten nights of meetings in Jula and Arabic in the Muslim neighborhoods of Bouake.

There were many praise items, including a number of people putting there faith in Christ for salvation. Steve asks that we would pray for these new believers. Pray also for Pastor John Traore, who is doing the follow-up with all the new believers.

Date: 01/23/2002

"Why did Jesus stop the rain?" Joshua Farho

We are in dry season now in Bouake. Humidity is dropping to about 10% and temperatures are reaching the highest of the year in the 90s.

Thank you for your prayers about the remaining antenna and transmitter setup. All is working good now. We did a test and found we are reaching all of Bouake to the north. We will do further testing in all directions, before we go on the air. We will be installing a satellite receiver for programs to air. Pray for good coverage of Bouake in all directions!

Date: 01/17/2002

"I can't believe it's true!" Mike, hearing that we have our FM frequency.

Would you believe we are going on the air soon at 89.4 FM? The last few days we have been working hard to get the transmitter and the antenna setup. We solved some problems getting the antenna to work correctly with the transmitter. Praise God for His help resolving those problems!

Date: 01/08/2002

"I am rejoicing today in God's wonderful financial provision for The Alliance."

"In the last three months the Lord's people have given generously to the Great Commission Fund. And while we did not receive the full amount budgeted for 2001, we were able to meet all of our obligations. It is with joy and thanksgiving to God that we are able to restore the portion of the (international worker) allowances withheld from October through December of 2001." Peter N. Nanfelt, President of the C&MA.

Thank you for your faithful and sacrificial giving so we can proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ in Cote d'Ivoire.

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